On the Surface

The first thing about

plumbing is knowing water

always runs downhill


n.b. There is plenty of profit in running a water company, but where is the incentive to fix the antiquated infrastructure when shareholders can keep taking dividends? £57bn in share of profits has been paid out since privatisation of Britain’s water utilities. My picture shows flooding in my local street caused by a burst water main. According to the GMB union, 70% of the English water firms highly profitable shares are held overseas. The company names are dressed up to seem local, e.g. Anglian Water, but that is just superficial branding; the firm is mainly owned by Canadian and Australian capitalists. Who exactly is benefiting from privatisation of state assets?

CLP 13th October 2020

On the Street x

Photo quality

printer gutted, abandoned;

news unfit to print


CLP 09/10/2020

On Wealth

Waste is greed’s excess

Who might use what we do not?

Give without return


n.b. ‘Nequit pereat’ is the motto above the Wells Cathedral clock. It means ‘let nothing perish’. Do we need all we have? Would what we have in excess be put to better use if given to others?


CLP 21/02/2020

On the Towpath (II)

Every piece strewn

Where difficult to retrieve

Rubbish placed with care


n.b. In Walsall the mess of litter is hard to avoid. It is distressing to think that some people make such an effort to dump their rubbish in places other than the municipal dump.

It is shocking to see how much waste has been thrown from passing cars, caught in hedgerows, blown into bushes, snagged in tree branches, snared on barbed wire, caught in slats of security fencing, dumped in the canal and streams.

It is depressing to see this mess. Clearly there are many things wrong here. Litter and waste are symptomatic of broader issues.

CLP 25/03/2019