on time

don't be afraid, look back
there's water, other stuff too
bridges have been crossed


CLP 19/06/2022

on time

Is there any plan?
Does there have to be a plan?
River gently flows


CLP 02/05/2022

on light

though decades lie between us
water broken moon


CLP 17/03/2022

on water

winter leaf litter
fuels seasonal fungi growth
expose concrete bloom


n.b. Nice that many of Norfolk’s water towers were situated in woodland in deference to local aesthetic sensibilities. Their increased visibility after the leaf-fall sits neatly with the natural cycle of mushrooms; hence the design, I suppose.


CLP 03/01/2022

on water

river flood tide turns
draws Sunday sailing to close
brilliant triangles


CLP 21/11/2021

on the sea

ocean green tides shift
stones, open cliffs, crack concrete
we'll return to it


CLP 05/10/2021


on the water show us

this is where something has drowned

pretty as they are


CLP 03/07/2021

On Rain

thick dark soup of sky

ladles out downpour dollops

brook a bubbling broth


CLP 28/06/2021

Dream #12

England, June

so hot, seek shelter

curtained sleep

buzzards call above canal

blue flash of kingfisher

martins and swallows streak across hedgerows

dandelion clocks stop at full o’clock

pollen clouds float on puffs of tired air

perfect circles form where fish kiss

the mirrored surface


CLP 06/06/2021

On Water L

if overwhelmed

put everything down, big breath

then go fill kettle


n.b. That’s it for ‘On Water’ for now, I feel the blog has reached saturation point with this theme and fifty is a good number to pause on. I will ensure to drip-feed more into the On Water series as I go. Thank you to everyone who has read, liked and commented on the series. Tomorrow sees the start of a new(ish) theme

CLP 28/05/2021