On Water xv

green brine of Pompey

no shallow mirror of sky

depth of character


CLP 24/04/2021

On Water xiv

rapid shifting shore

constantly inconsistent

respect without trust


n.b. Manningtree through a train window; a must-see stop I keep passing through.


CLP 23/0/4/2021

On Water xiii

a pause to reflect

it was here that fate pushed me

I’d to cross a bridge


n.b. Time and tide and all that. Choices, decisions, life goes on.


CLP 23/04/2021

On Water xi

from all various

hues and shades of playful light

blue is my colour


n.m. Although there is one particular pair of green eyes I dearly love.

CLP 20/04/2021

On Water x

night oils the river

dark thoughts patrol between banks

let us not go there


n.b. Dedicated to You Little Charmer because her writing makes me laugh…and cry.


CLP 19/04/2021

On Water ix

what falls from heaven

needs treating with gravity

serious business


n.b. Anglia Water pushed the boat out when briefing the designer of this beauty; a water tower needed to create sufficient downward pressure to enable reliable water distribution around this low-lying county. Reminds me a little of 2001 – A Space Odyssey.



On Water viii

a true reflection

or mask of what lies beneath?

skin-deep beautiful


CLP 17/04/2021

On Water vii

East wind pulls and catches

ruffles feathers disrupts flow

sky colours in gaps


CLP 16/04/2021

On Water vi

a fingernail caught

in momentary stillness

beauty of silence


CLP 15/04/2021

On Water v


flows in currents like water

perfect conductor


CLP 14/04/2021