On Water

Inundation flows

finds a level then settles

serene water fowl


n.b. Today a bitter northerly brought snow to the air and pushed the tide higher, so that the rivers spilled into low pasture, ducks, geese and swans followed.


CLP 05/04/2021

Spring (Day 11):

We wait by the Wensum. We wait for the kingfisher. We are not disappointed as it flies past twice, breaking its return journey to rest on the buddleja opposite for a few seconds.

Later, I wait and watch again. A family gather pointing at silver blue in the bushes across the water. They realise it is a drinks can. They move on, the father explaining that kingfishers were reported to be in the area recently.



L3 (Day 79): King Street

It has rained just once today. Like yesterday, it rained when I was outside – and it was wet rain, the kind that gets through to your undies irrespective of how many layers you are wearing.

These showers are gentle reminders from the heavens that we are mere mortals.


CLP 26/03/2021

L3 (Day 77): Sheringham

This north facing coast of East Anglia is notoriously windy. Today the wind is cold.

On the horizon a large ship, stacked high with containers, floats above the horizon, a trick of light.

I watch the waves of the high tide break into the sea wall of the lower concrete promenade. I listen to the heavy flints rolling back and forth in the wave cycle. They clack, clack, clack together.


CLP 24/03/2021