on time

here, we see Sunday
who stole Friday, Saturday?
today a fresh sheet


n.b. Days merge, nights blur, feverish hours melt.

CLP 27/11/2022

on Ukraine

out on the weekend
we spend hours playing, shopping
while others wait still


CLP 02/07/2022

On Water xvi

that helicopter

on a beeline up the coast

air-sea rescue, obvs

n.b. The elements of water and air combine to tragic effect at weekends when the concoction of homo-sapiens, alcohol and sunshine dull the mind, drown common-sense.

CLP 25/04/2021

Valentine’s Night

I’m so happy

After this Friday night with

Saturday to come


n.b. Friday evening’s have a special energy. I rather enjoyed this evening in watching ‘Dr No’ AND there’s still the footy to come tomorrow. Too excited to sleep!

CLP 15/02/2020

On the Weekend (XII)

And that’s it over

Moon climbs majestically

Announces “Bedtime”


n.b. The storm clouds blown away leave the sky for a full Moon, too bright to photograph. I apologise for the poor quality of the picture.

I only went out for the Sports Mail today. I must get out tomorrow.


CLP 09/02/2020

On the Weekend (III)

Collect clean laundry

Washed, dried and folded before

Things get more messy


n.b. Ireland vs Wales at 14:15, England vs Scotland at 16:45. Is it possible to watch international rugby in a pub and just drink tea?


CLP 08/02/2020

On the Weekend (II)

As an optimist

I see happiness abounds

My aching heart smiles


CLP 08/02/2020

On the Weekend

Friday finally

Shuts up, lies down, rolls over

Into Saturday


CLP 07/02/2020