on time

Moon setting across
Wensum. I wish you were here.
Simple, isn't it?

CLP 02/08/2022

on time

last train haunts depôt
waning moon loses lustre
river holds its breath


n.b. Yes, bedtime, my love.

CLP 22/03/2022

on water

Novi Sad Friendship Bridge
cormorant breaks surface
concentric patterns


CLP 20/12/2021

on water

crystalline sky meets
golden tears wept by willows
life-belt's hollow ring


CLP 16/12/2021

on seeing

quayside visitor
inquisitive or hungry
prepared to take risks


CLP 16/11/2021

On the River

casting a fresh line

heavy river running slow

your smile caught my eye


CLP 04/08/2021

On Water vii

East wind pulls and catches

ruffles feathers disrupts flow

sky colours in gaps


CLP 16/04/2021

On Water iv

streaked willow shade

riffled river disrupts light

sun flakes; sparks from flint


CLP 13/04/2021

On The Surface


Down by the quayside

where fishermen know to sit

young seal making hay


n.b. I had heard of this young pup’s arrival a week ago and today I saw it surface a few times. Despite the snow in the wind, a woman had taken her coat off to sit on it on the grass embankment and watch the seal diving. It is remarkable how long these creatures can sustain a dive while fishing. It would then pop up its head and have a look around while recharging its lungs. Goodness knows what it finds underwater here, possibly the hire bikes from the city’s first less than secure public cycle scheme of a few years back.

There have been precious few boats on The Broads for over a year and so the river has become a safe navigation for this seal and who knows how many others. It must have found somewhere to rest up too, seals like lolling around on a beach or mudflat for long periods between diving for fish.

Things will change soon, as holidays within the UK become the thing for a while, so these waters will become quite busy, then where will this seal go? Similarly, I wonder how the otters further upstream, even closer to the city centre, will fare.

Spring (Day 11):

We wait by the Wensum. We wait for the kingfisher. We are not disappointed as it flies past twice, breaking its return journey to rest on the buddleja opposite for a few seconds.

Later, I wait and watch again. A family gather pointing at silver blue in the bushes across the water. They realise it is a drinks can. They move on, the father explaining that kingfishers were reported to be in the area recently.