on February

day felt cold enough
verge ankle-deep in snowdrops
northerly bows pines


CLP 25/02/2023

on light

snow-cold breathes of wind
carry the echoes of cranes
setting ice-white sun


CLP 18/01/2023

on the wind

fast-paced script demands
multiple set changes
invisible stage hands


n.b. Five / six / six syllables.

CLP 07/02/2022

on the wind

night-long low moaning
twists curtain, clicks doors' catches
snake licks round bedroom


n.b. It has been a quiet winter so far out here in East Anglia’s hilly city, but now the wind is getting involved, stirring the pot, dragging the cold air with it through the streets like an impatient parent leading a tardy child to the school gate.

CLP 27/01/2022

on rain

with tails turned windward
gulls hunch shoulders, form huddle
gusts tug at mastheads


CLP 20/01/2022


whipping, whistling, slipping through the bedroom window
tugging the curtain
atonal melody
singing over the clumsy beat of a one pound clock
unlatching the door
clicking it closed
sucking it open
pushing it shut
shushing the birch leaves off scratchy branches
crashing something down the street
something not fragile
something not meant to be quite so temporary
something broken


CLP 01/12/2021

on autumn iii

it's been so still
humid air weighing on us all
weary from sleepless nights
from self-medicated sleep
from restless waking
from waking alone

and now the leaves move
trees sigh at their relief
the wind tunes up
wheezy gaps in windows and doors ajar
asthmatic whistling of telephone cables
clinking lines on masts
waves thick enough to roll the shingle
to slap the seawall
spit over its parapet
and bounce back to sea

this cool sou'westerly
freshens up the air
brings on the rain
brings me sleep
alone or not


CLP 04/10/2021

On The Wind

empty container
scutters along dry gutter
rustle of leaves


CLP 26/08/2021

On Hope x

sand grain off balance

others out of kilter fall

wind and tide smoothed shore


CLP 25/07/2021

On Water xvi

that helicopter

on a beeline up the coast

air-sea rescue, obvs

n.b. The elements of water and air combine to tragic effect at weekends when the concoction of homo-sapiens, alcohol and sunshine dull the mind, drown common-sense.

CLP 25/04/2021