on stage

under spotlight's glare
all can see imperfections
of others' labours


CLP 14/10/2021

On work ii

clock in work clock off
all we have to give is time
there's no tomorrow


CLP 28/08/2021

On Work i

what do we call it
when forty plus hours isn't
enough to pay rent?


CLP 28/08/2021

Look Inside

Unbutton the coat buttons,

unwrap the scarf

pull off the pullover

fold back the shirt

dig deeper

ease through the epidermis

hop by the heart

by-pass the ribs

dip past the diaphragm

get into the gut

see what we carry?

thirteen hundred and more

micro-organisms thriving

doing our dirty work

while we worry about

making a living; surviving


n.b. NaPoWriMo 2021 Day Eighteen: Look Inside for a prompt.


CLP 18/04/2021

On Song

Blackbirds serenade

Night owl returns to duvet

Curtains mask the dawn


CLP 07/03/2021

L3 (Day 56): Inside

There was no need to exceed the boundaries of my home today. Mend and make do with what food I found.

There is a whole world out there, I know, but most of it is closed and I had plenty of work here.

To bed at 01:00 GMT. I hear birds singing on the hillside, city lights confusing their rhythms.


CLP 03/03/2021

On the Road XXIII

Inclined to travel?

Uphill inevitable

Select gear early


Deploy deferred

gratification, so that

hard work is enjoyed


CLP 16/08/2020

Remote Working

Devoid of contact

Electronic messages

No compensation


CLP 05/03/2020

City: Monday Morning

Don’t go. Stay, warm me

Sunday night cuddles tight, but

Waker’s now work-bound


CLP 03/02/2020

Heard not Seen

It was a day when I worked

With my shirt off

Bent to the task

Concentrating on single stones

The depth, set, fit to the path

Brushing the grey, gritty soil

To fill in the gaps

Ancient fragments glinted

As I weighed up each stone in my palm

Myriad crystal particles

Formed over eons

Compacted, knocked, quarried, shaped

Travelled from where only heaven knows

To a simple pavé here

While the lizard watches

From a split in the wall

Ready to twist away

Hide somewhere dry within

Sounding a crisp trail

As it flicks through the dead ivy

The moment I straighten my back


CLP 05/12/2019