The First Fifty Nine Days in Lockdown, Norfolk, UK

I was living in temporary accommodation in Portsmouth, looking for somewhere to establish a more permanent base, when Prime Minister Johnson first advised the British public to refrain from using cafes, bars and pubs.

The next day my sister offered to let me stay at her home, before an official Lockdown was implemented. I arrived in Norfolk during the early hours of Wednesday, 18th March, 2020.

I decided to write about the very different environment I found myself living in during the UK Lockdown. These posts cover the first 59 days of the time I spent in Norfolk.

They focus on the change from Spring to Summer in 2020 in the middle of the Covid-19 coronavirus crisis.

I stopped writing these posts as I needed a break from the duty I had imposed on myself. It was necessary to make some changes to my daily routine, to shake up the seemingly un-changing days.

Then a few weeks later, things changed in other ways. The dreadful murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis was relayed around the world to a global population who had been relying on TV and the Internet for much of its entertainment because of the restrictions on movements imposed by governments because of the virus.

I have written other pieces about the events that resulted from this despicable act of racist brutality by a police officer in that distant city, that was transmitted into everyone’s homes around the world.