where we seek water
they struggle to get ashore
marginal difference


n.b. Both humans and seals evolved from the mammalian branch of the tree of life, but now they hold mirrored views of the beach…interesting how things turn out.

CLP 15/11/2021

on daylight

uneasy waking
day stumbles out of duvet
cold shower beckons


CLP 14/11/2021


cogs and wheels spinning
birdsong, silence of kestrel
not thinking for now


n.b. Thank you SO for planning the route this morning. I put my gears into motion, put my mind into neutral. Phew!

CLP 13/11/2021

on autumn

rich pickings lie here
carpet of horse chestnut leaves
remnants of summer


n.b. Two Egyptian Geese nosing their way through leaf litter, barely visible in an English city centre.

CLP 12/11/2021

on mist

clouding boundaries
unsettling settling of doubts
softening edges


CLP 11/11/2021

on passing

ancient sentinel
unmoved by shifting city
flint-hearted witness


CLP 09/11/2021

on light

we, who came from stars
are sure that we will return
to from whence we came


CLP 10/11/2021

on the Moon

drowned in street lighting
giving up her fight with man
another day gone


n.b. The waning crescent slips barely noticed below the horizon. Here just visible above the retail park roof, just to the right of the lamp.

CLP 08/11/2021


then distracted
or discerning
the trace of others
moving on
or back
to one you know
still open
with a taste
you know
and trust
for now


CLP 21/09/2021

on morning

too soon in my view
night slipped off without asking
stealing dreams of you


CLP 07/11/2021