Woden’s Day

From so long ago

Our days named by immigrants

An island mash-up


n.b. Now, after Brexit, the bigots and racists in England find new voice. People with South-East Asian features are being abused in our streets because the Covid-19 coronavirus has developed in China. Our esteemed Prime Minister has employed an advisor who believes black citizens of the USA have low IQs. The Home Office orders a man aged 101 years to get his parents to vouch for his identity and explain why he is living here and not Italy.

All this in a land that sits on the edge of Europe that has been in the possession of wealthy landowners since the Norman barons took control in 1066 CE. The rest of the people have come from everywhere, but the projected image of white toffs as the definition of Englishness persists. If you want proof, see how some families with large tracts of land try to boast of having familial links to the Norman invaders.

So Woden’s Day, or Wednesday as we call it presently, is just a reminder that the British Isles are populated by immigrants and we are better off for it. Evidence of our polyglot origins surrounds us if we just take a look and think a little.

I believe tomorrow is Thor’s Day.

CLP 19/02/2020

Ta Luv

Thanks a fucking bunch!

Ha! There’s gratitude for you

Thankfulness ‘s’a gift


n.b. An interpretation of a recent psychological study suggests that brain imaging shows that those who are generous and giving, who maintain a grateful mindset, are more optimistic than those who do not and that this attitude is highlighted by particular neural activity. It is a mindset that can be developed and sustained; it is not necessary to wallow in misery.

Keeping a gratitude journal is offered as one way to develop this mindset. Other methods include, going regularly to mass, turning to prayers five times daily, or being ever-thankful for what you’ve got; family, friends, health, breath in your lungs, sunrise, sunset, birds’ song, Winter frosts, Spring flowers, Portsmouth FC, whatever.

Let Eric & Ernie sing this post out, (but I don’t endorse their reference to “drinking”).

CLP 18/02/2020

On Screen

Don’t sit so close t’it

You’ll damage your eyes! said dad

He’d just been smoking


n.b. Aggressive, domineering father, picking up on his teenage daughter’s posture while reading her mobile as they sat in the queue at the health centre.

The man had been outside for five minutes smoking a cigarette, which he threw into the street.

Draw your own conclusions.


CLP 17/02/2020