On Dreams xxii

unjiggling stuff

mixing up bits and pieces

sleep’s webbed tapestry


CLP 28/05/2021

On Water L

if overwhelmed

put everything down, big breath

then go fill kettle


n.b. That’s it for ‘On Water’ for now, I feel the blog has reached saturation point with this theme and fifty is a good number to pause on. I will ensure to drip-feed more into the On Water series as I go. Thank you to everyone who has read, liked and commented on the series. Tomorrow sees the start of a new(ish) theme

CLP 28/05/2021

On Dreams xxi


strangely unfamiliar

back to beginning


CLP 27/05/2021

On Water XLIX

been very busy

tidying everything up

oh! where’s the baby?


CLP 27/05/2021

On Dreams xx

day’s events inspire

everything possible

night long amusement


CLP 26/05/2021


throws itself from clouds

chuckles down holes in gutters

again? you big kid!


n.b. Endless hours of fun. This is where the British get a reputation for always talking about the weather and having a dry sense of humour.

CLP 26/05/2021

On Dreams xix

What is that thing called

when believe yourself awake

but are still asleep?


CLP 25/05/2021

On Water XLVII

water molecules

are very good at gathering

pooling resources


CLP 24/05/2021

On Dreams xviii

Not entirely sure

what actually happened

I was fast asleep


CLP 23/05/2021

On Sleep (n+1)

what is going on?

all pre-conditions were met

awake, not dreaming


CLP 24/05/2021