unsalted butter running
between hard-set bubbles of toasted sourdough bread
hot crumbs in the corner of your mouth
tang of ginger jam on your tongue
i could eat eat eat you too


CLP 18/09/2021

on time

those tiny thorns tore
cute as kitten teeth
sharp as fish hooks
drew blood
that slender stem resisted
slim as a grass blade
strong as barbed wire
that bud closed tight
firm as a fist
locked safe-shut


CLP 17/09/2021


how many tides have turned
shifted and smoothed
sifted and sorted
the pebbles so
today the sea would give up this stone
so you might gift it me
precious as any stone
I have ever held


CLP 13/09/2021


toes freed, feet tickled
by low-tide's sandy ribs
every single little breaking wave
a charge
fired through shocked ankle bones
sparking skin, heart, eyes
whipping North Sea air from my lungs
More waves! More waves! More waves!
more Yesterdays


CLP 09/09/2021

Dream #n

what was it that stirred me
the curtain catching autumn air
bed-softened lips on my cheek
your bra clip clicking shut
brush pulling through your hair
the nib on the notepaper
the trail of last evening's perfume
compressed by the closing door
the chasm echoing your leaving


CLP 04/09/2021

on the bus

buy return ticket
always a sensible move
choose to use or burn


CLP 03/09/2021


Aegean blue
or is it green
clear to the seabed
shadow so sharp
it cut me out
cast me in stone
anchored me
and here I am still
waiting for you
to dive in too


CLP 29/08/2021

On Courage ii

facing up to fear
giving voice to suppressed truth
finding gentle words


n.b. For JS

CLP 22/08/2021

On Charge

once in step hands brush 
blushed apologies exchanged
electrified skin


CLP 22/08/2021

On the Beach

I’m never tired

of each tide’s unique beauty

waking next to you


CLP 03/08/2021