on the self

Are we whom we desire to be
Or who as we appear to others
The sum of their desires
The embodiment of their hopes
The personification of their dreams
The casket for their fears?


CLP 16/06/2022

on time

family, free, own
quality, personal, good
half, full, down, the last


CLP 11/05/2022

on time

with never enough
we have decisions to make
choose to love; choose us


n.b. Are we not social creatures? If so, why are charlatans getting rich promoting the ‘I, me, my, mine’ agenda? Time is all we have, love is all we need.

CLP 02/06/2022

on tenderness

this lives somewhere within and between us
exists not without, cannot survive alone
forms around us, surely not beyond us
fear not the performance, fear not the act
does time and place and circumstance persist
to permit retrieval of such gentleness?


CLP 24/05/2022

on Ukraine xxiii

reading a poem
are you a star dancer or
dreaming of dancing?


n.b. Thank you for reading my poem, ‘Star Dancer and Her School of Dance – Francis Picabia 1913 . We don’t know each other, but I wish you well.

CLP 11/04/2022

Marie Celeste

She approached in full rig
Catching every breath

Silent as a swan on that silvery sea
There was just the Moon watching her
And me


Like night's ships should
She seemed to steer clear

So, was it me or she who veered?
No bored inquiry could ascertain

I threw out an old line
Soon found myself aboard

All ship-shape, lights ablaze
Fully crewed with memories of men

Who abandon ship
At first whisper of storm

Wheel lashed holding course
I searched for a survivor

Found her remaining soul
Albatross limp in hand

I signed on and prayed
Not all was lost


n.b. NaPoWriMo 2022 Day Seven prompt; produce a call-back to a proverb, or idiom. Here conflating ‘Passing like ships in the night’ and ‘It was like the Marie Celeste in there’. Does this pass muster? I may have lost my bearings a little.

CLP 07/04/2022

on memory

CLP 26/03/2022

so impressed was I
you lie scratched under my skin
reasons still unclear

on time

on Railway Terrace
sign out of oblivion
one way ticket, please


CLP 06/03/2022

on light

memory dream moon
time circuit repetition
reflection of love


CLP 16/02/2022

on light

pink sky in morning
matches eyes dragged through night by
dreams, memories, fears


n.b. ‘I’ll sleep on the train’ he thought, ‘Adapt and survive.’ He repeated his mantra, laughing at Fate’s capricious nature.


CLP 05/02/2022