L-plates ii

you no passenger
I hold my breath fearful of
emergency stop


CLP 23/08/2021

On Courage ii

facing up to fear
giving voice to suppressed truth
finding gentle words


n.b. For JS

CLP 22/08/2021

Oh, Pakistan!

what help can you give

to your abandoned neighbours

who cry for freedom


n.b. pain old as mountains never ending series.

CLP 17/08/2021

Oh, Afghanistan!

centuries pass by

what is twenty years to you

pain old as mountains

CLP 16/08/2021

Dream #24

you must know this one

where you reach out

as far as you can

then not reaching what you stretched for

start to fall

towards a ground so distant

you cannot see it

you cannot fly

resistance is useless

you tumble through parting air

and you rediscover fear

as the ground approaches

so fast, so large

so hard


CLP 23/06/2021

On Dreams ix

Is it possible

to call back and reshape dreams

based on harsh home truths?


CLP 15/05/2021

On Fear

were this heart to cease

tonight it would die happy

love lives without fear


CLP 13/05/2021


CLP 13/05/2021

On Dreams ii

then all four appear

white, red, black and pale shadows

spare me these night mares


CLP 03/05/2021

On Anxiety

What is going on?

Everything was under control

Now? I’m not so sure.


n.b. Hey, Life’s like that. Sometimes it’s best to just go with the flow.


CLP 21/03/2021

On Ballet / Football

With grace, strength, agility

running, leaping, stretching

a staged performance

coached to perform

Our instrument is our body

The ball, decisions

freedom to play

without fear


n.b. Quoting Carlos Acosta, Birmingham Royal Ballet and Tony Cliss, The Posh and The Alex. Football is unscripted drama, an art in itself.


CLP 28/02/2021