on Ukraine

caterpillar tracks
loaded onto railway trucks
shareholders cash in


n.b. As we move closer to open conflict between Russia and “The West” I attended a party recently at which there was open talk about moving savings into arms manufacturing shares and disappointment expressed at missing out on buying stock in an American armament corporation. Ironically, it was at a wake.

There was also talk of fear of direct war with Russia...as opposed to what? A proxy war that sacrifices the very last Ukrainian?

CLP 27/01/2023

on history

all dreams dissolved, fear took grip
each day feels endless


n.b. Faith in The Great Healer crumbles, as Time slows and every single second chews up and spits out another a piece of the soul, in slow motion.

Ever done something you wish you had not?

CLP 17/01/2023

on USA

let's go shopping, dear
Walmart? have you got the list?
firearms and bullets


n.b. Mass shooting follows mass shooting. In between times, individuals in their homes, or out on the streets, are relentlessly slaughtered day after day.

The land of the fearful.

Support www.momsdemandaction.org

CLP 23/11/2022

on time

when would suit you best?
no time like the present, but
not on a school night


n.b. Time is tight, but there are limits.

on Ukraine

evacuate call
cruel deceit of remaining
victims who'll be blamed


n.b. A call to Moscow to help evacuate Donbas as Ukraine’s army advances, means the area will only be lived in by people who wanted to stay in their homes, but they risk being called Ukrainian patriots and therefore “enemy” to the recently retreated occupiers. Victim blaming being set up, like an idiot’s chess move.

on Ukraine

sat in their silos
weapons of horrific strength
attention focused


n.b. Whatever my thoughts on this, writing them would only trivialise the seriousness of the current situation humanity now faces.

on Ukraine

Opening paragraph from ‘The Measure of a Man” by Martin Luther King Jr. (1959) Published by Fortress Press, Minneapolis.
ask "What was it for?"
"We are liberating land
without people on..."


n.b. The first quoted line, reported in The Guardian in the UK, are words of a citizen of a town liberated from the retreating invaders.

The second, (same source), from a Ukrainian soldier making his way through the ghost towns of the temporarily, but deeply scarred territory, briefly held by the occupying force.

The attempted annexation of Ukraine has again demonstrated the empty rhetoric of nationalism, the pointless slaughter of innocents and vile destruction of homes.

Are we not all African, brothers and sisters?


CLP 05/10/2022

on Ukraine

they still have enough
cowards to push the buttons
heroes would refuse


n.b. Resistance to conscription in Russia is an act of great courage. For Russians facing the press gang, “Do you have a plan? Run; Hide; Fight,”

Which is what public notices in US railway stations advise in case an act of domestic terrorism develops where the public gather. I understand that this is advice in other public buildings too, particularly schools.

Of course, the press gang was once how the British Royal Navy recruited when a ship was low on matelots. Able bodied boys and men were simply dragged off the streets of the island’s ports “to serve” the King and country.

Ukraine’s war of independence is now being fought on two sides of the border. It is a Vietnam, with Russian domestic resistance to an unjust war being as critical to the outcome as draft card burning youths were in the early 1970s, when flowers were bravely placed in gun barrels. Resistance is not futile.

CLP 25/09/2022

on Ukraine

nuclear assault?
how might Pravda report it?


n.b. It is said that Russian protests against the war have begun in several town. Putin mobilising 300,000 more troops. Russians considering how to avoid being called up.

Putin’s Vietnam.

CLP 21/09/2022

on Ukraine

this, its safest state
unplugged, switched off, neutralized
one less way to die


n.b. Nobody wants this war to cross borders, risking harm to other people; that would be a terrible inconvenience.

Turning off the nuclear power station seems sensible. Whoever gains full control can take responsibility for repairs then switching it back on later.

CLP 11/09/2022