I am sick of the sound
of your voice
You're always moaning
I'm sick of the sight
Of you
and your tears
What do you know about it
About anything
You're stupid, pig thick
Don't start
Don't interrupt
Oh, do be quiet
Haven't you got anything new to say
Hurry up
Get on with it
I haven't got all day
Not now, later


n.b. NaPoWriMo 2023. Day 16 prompt. A negation poem. Sadly too many of us have been on the wrong end of negation. Maybe, it’s why some of us write.

CLP 16/04/2023

on ice

how bad could it get?
frost to frozen conditions
tentative footsteps


CLP 09/03/2023

on Nashville

blue sky Saturday
don't walk go by Uber
or run for your life


n.b. Adventure out in Music City.

CLP 14/02/2023

on light

who's there! friend or foe?
beauty beyond horizon
reflected glory


CLP 09/02/2023

on Ukraine

come gather round you
sons of Russia enrich soil
who don't understand?


n.b. It is reported in the NY Times that Russian military losses are in excess of 200,000, not counting the captured. That land must hold a lot of value to Moscow if it is happy to spread so much blood and bone.

CLP 03/02/2023

on Ukraine

caterpillar tracks
loaded onto railway trucks
shareholders cash in


n.b. As we move closer to open conflict between Russia and “The West” I attended a party recently at which there was open talk about moving savings into arms manufacturing shares and disappointment expressed at missing out on buying stock in an American armament corporation. Ironically, it was at a wake.

There was also talk of fear of direct war with opposed to what? A proxy war that sacrifices the very last Ukrainian?

CLP 27/01/2023

on history

all dreams dissolved, fear took grip
each day feels endless


n.b. Faith in The Great Healer crumbles, as Time slows and every single second chews up and spits out another a piece of the soul, in slow motion.

Ever done something you wish you had not?

CLP 17/01/2023

on USA

let's go shopping, dear
Walmart? have you got the list?
firearms and bullets


n.b. Mass shooting follows mass shooting. In between times, individuals in their homes, or out on the streets, are relentlessly slaughtered day after day.

The land of the fearful.


CLP 23/11/2022

on time

when would suit you best?
no time like the present, but
not on a school night


n.b. Time is tight, but there are limits.

on Ukraine

evacuate call
cruel deceit of remaining
victims who'll be blamed


n.b. A call to Moscow to help evacuate Donbas as Ukraine’s army advances, means the area will only be lived in by people who wanted to stay in their homes, but they risk being called Ukrainian patriots and therefore “enemy” to the recently retreated occupiers. Victim blaming being set up, like an idiot’s chess move.