on time

the congregation
depart bathed in victory
everyone happy

n.b. Not so great for the visiting opposition, admittedly.

CLP 17/07/2022

on life

I am harvesting
content for my first novel
tell me who isn't?

CLP 09/08/2022

on time

travel with me too
don't just talk of history
we'll share sunrises


n.b. We live in hope for tomorrow.

CLP 11/07/2022

on time

what was it we found
each other or shared moments?
dislocation squared


CLP 07/07/2022

on Ukraine xxv

escaping the Nazis
people of Russia scorched earth
now their soldiers harry Ukraine
as William The Bastard did in the North
so Putin does to the south
history teaches us nothing
it is but a mirror


n.b. What is the point of this destruction and slaughter? Where is the glory? What kind of peace does this lead to?

CLP 31/05/2022

on time

houses for workers
became homes of unemployed
miles from anywhere


n.b. Not much going on in the old pit villages, unless you can afford a car. As you can see, not many cars, although one has an L-plate. Too many places in England have been built over the years out on a limb, so when the work goes the people become isolated.

Will the Internet and working from home technology bring decent wages back to the hills?


CLP 22/01/2022

on passing

ancient sentinel
unmoved by shifting city
flint-hearted witness


CLP 09/11/2021

On St. Wandregesilius Church

abandoned village
graveyard dissolving in green
names lost in lichen


n.b. No, me neither! 🤷🏼

CLP 25/08/2021

On The Great Plains

Using graphics to

remember all kinds of stuff

such as history


n.b. American Bison / also known as buffalo / Bob Marley / Buffalo Soldiers / African-American regiments of the US Army / Civil wars of the USA / Indigenous Americans* / First Nation / slavery / colonisation / land grabs / exploitation / What is freedom? / What do we love and whom do we love? / Who pays for prosperity? / Is a life survived best left unexposed? / ethics / Trace’ by Lauret Savoy.

* I am uncertain how to collectively name the people who populated The Great Plains of the North American continent. Advice happily received.

n.n.b. Inspired by NF. Thank you.


CLP 10/03/2021

Lockdown 3 (Day 21) Postscript

To cap a suitably mournful day the UK has now lost over 100,000 people to coronavirus, (source: Public Health England).

Still there is discussion around shutting the airports, ports and the Channel Tunnel to all but the food and materials we need.

Take a moment to reflect on that figure again: 100,162 dead people due to coronavirus.


CLP 26/01/2021