January Road Trip (XXIV)

Mooring bollards wait

As tides, seasons, decades pass

Hope for ships’ return


n.b. Glasgow’s quayside has been almost totally cleared. What next?

The rusting bollards, like mariners’ widows in denial, still wait by the dock scanning the horizon for signs of home-coming sails.


CLP 27/01/2020

SatNav Not Needed

Somewhere else
(Photo courtesy of BTW)

SatNav Not Needed

“Location cannot be found”

I know it’s out there. Trust Me.

Release the handbrake.


n.b. Better to travel in hope than to sit around waiting for an out-of-date program to tell you where you’re heading.

Just get moving; keep your wits about you. You will know your destination when you see it. Good luck!


CLP 09/01/2020


My possessions are strewn

Along my recent path

From the council dump

To container lock-up

Loaned, gifted

Donated, stored

The more miles travelled

The less I need

With each piece laid down

More peace I feel

There’s no going back

Along that old route

Now all I own

Is the day ahead


n.b. With hope in your heart you’ll never walk alone


CLP 28/12/2019