on the phone

there is something more
than just words, silences convey
our understanding


CLP 18/10/202


right in the hand
perfectly balanced
as if part of my arm
slicing the air
slicing my doubts
opening my skin
bare to my heart
opening me up
letting light pour in


n.b. Yes, I believe.

CLP 10/10/2021

on morning

sunlight kisses corners
shadows fade into solids
certainty returns


CLP 22/09/2021

on swimming

break the cool surface
feel it slide up your body?
yes, you're beautiful


CLP 21/09/2021


how much of these reels remain
stretched so long in our wake
we lose the golden threads in twilight
catching only rare glints
snagged by sunset
strung over hills hazed by evening mist
that fogs the vales we negotiated
through ill-lit phases of many moons
when we lay awake
each hearing lone minutes unspool

we cannot prevent this cord running out
but have we enough in hand
to interweave these unspent lines
and create our finest tapestry


CLP 20/09/2021

on need

it cannot be found
through the bottom of a glass
for love nor money


CLP 18/09/2021

Last Minute Winner

a shot smashed in goal
release of all frustrated
tribal emotions


CLP 11/09/2021


toes freed, feet tickled
by low-tide's sandy ribs
every single little breaking wave
a charge
fired through shocked ankle bones
sparking skin, heart, eyes
whipping North Sea air from my lungs
More waves! More waves! More waves!
more Yesterdays


CLP 09/09/2021


within the whole a hole
where the light goes in
and warms the soul


CLP 08/09/2021


...for the heat to hot up
the sun to spot me
for clouds to come
pull me under their covers
and soak me through
I'm ready


CLP 08/09/2021