on time

talk me through reasons
why tomorrow's important
today's all there is


n.b. Just seen Walter Trout perform, nine years after he was given a new liver. Nine years of LIFE. Today is it. Whatever you hope for, do it now.

p.s. He’s the real deal!

CLP 17/05/2023

14th May

See what happens?
You finally make an effort
To shrug off Winter's grim shroud

Music, dancing
smiles, joyful tears
and yes, the swifts

Swooping and slicing
through the humid air
skimming chimney pots

Their shrieking and screaming
is, I suppose,
what they excuse as singing


n.b. No guarantee of a good summer.

CLP 15/05/2023

on Ukraine

"...if real peace talks start"
the newspaper suggested
what a bloody game


CLP 12/05/2023

thunder storm

In false warmth of May
Anvil clouds pile up
Eclipse the blue
Cast down hail stones
Lightning spearing the gloom
Basal crashes shaking the old town
Stair rods rattling on the streets

Don picks up his bedroll
Seeks shelter
In the cathedral porch

Jean stumbles to the library
Her mismatched clothes
Selected from chance finds
And what she stuffed into a rucksack
On escaping home

Aaron sweats in his black bin liner
String pulled tight
Around his wasting waist
Half asleep
Half aware
Half under a hedge
His sore feet wet

In coffee shops
Talk of weather percolates
Through the Americano chat
How miserable and on my day off

If only Don had a day off too
And Jean and Aaron
And all the people who a warm dry day
Was all they hoped for this cruel May


CLP 11/05/2023

on time

on empty platform
I coulda, woulda, shoulda
your train long departed


n.b. When’s the last train?

CLP 11/05/2023

Full Cycle

Take me in your arms
Under the full moon
In the cool air
Of early May
Owls celebrate
Their rites of spring
In the woodland
Along the ridge
Bluebells unfold
Before the foliage above
Steals all the light
Shades in silver shadows
The church bell
Chimes the quarter past
It's early yet
Still time for bed
Hold me in your arms
We'll watch the full moon set
From our warm sheets
In early May


n.b. It keeps coming round, lighting our steps, marking our progress.

CLP 05/05/2023

on Ukraine

attack on suburbs
a three year old child victim
where remains safe now?


n.b. The bereaved mother thought the war was “far awayfrom their home on the outskirts of Dnipro, but sadly not, The Guardian reports this morning.

What, with killings like this and the forced deportation of children from occupied areas of Ukraine, the men in Moscow and their hand-maidens in the ministries, have clearly given up hope of any salvation under the terms of their Orthodox religion.

CLP 29/04/2023


I recall sitting on a stone wall
in awe of Hale-Bopp trailing by
it looked all upside down
with tail splayed out above
as the Earth span
and that spectacle of cosmic light
moved counter to the common stars
I thought I could never see
such beauty with my own eyes again
until our orbits caused to coincide


CLP 17/04/2023

Snakeskin Boots

Dolphins threaded the white horses
Frigate birds drifted o'er our wake
We hauled ropes in song, with curses
Dolphins threaded the white horses
Dreams of Frisco, gold in purses
Sun kissed women, fine boots of snake
Dolphins threaded the white horses
Frigate birds drifted o'er our wake


n.b. NaPoWriMo 2023 Day 4. Triolet time.

CLP 04/04/2023

on Ukraine

another Spring dawns
war without clear beginning
with no end in sight


n.b. The men in Moscow prefer a war economy to something better. Ukraine is being steadily reduced to the new Flanders Fields, where the prospect of better weather, leads to the prospect of increased conflict.

CLP 29/03/2023