on cash

I'll buy you a meal
but I won't just give money
you said you're hungry


n.b. Talk me through that again. Hungry means ‘food’ right?

A young man, in a desperate condition, scarred, nervous, tired and dirty asked for a dollar for food. I said I’d get him some food, (we were stood outside a hamburger joint). I checked what he fancied, but when I came out there was no sign of him.

A middle-aged woman leaning on a walking cane, asked me for help getting some food. I explained the situation and she was grateful for the meal and drink I had carried out for the boy, who called himself William.

CLP 26/09/2022

on Ukraine

they still have enough
cowards to push the buttons
heroes would refuse


n.b. Resistance to conscription in Russia is an act of great courage. For Russians facing the press gang, “Do you have a plan? Run; Hide; Fight,”

Which is what public notices in US railway stations advise in case an act of domestic terrorism develops where the public gather. I understand that this is advice in other public buildings too, particularly schools.

Of course, the press gang was once how the British Royal Navy recruited when a ship was low on matelots. Able bodied boys and men were simply dragged off the streets of the island’s ports “to serve” the King and country.

Ukraine’s war of independence is now being fought on two sides of the border. It is a Vietnam, with Russian domestic resistance to an unjust war being as critical to the outcome as draft card burning youths were in the early 1970s, when flowers were bravely placed in gun barrels. Resistance is not futile.

CLP 25/09/2022

on time

waving or drowning
it's hard to determine here
unfinished business


n.b. This marble sculpture, carved by Adelaide Johnson, was presented to the US government in 1921 by the National Women’s Party.

Deliberately produced as emergent figures in knowledge that work to improve women’s rights is work in progress.

The women represented here are: Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Antony, and Lucy Mott. Rosa Parks is sat just along the line, “sitting so others might stand.”

I took a tour of the Capitol building led by a fantastic guide from the US Capitol Guide Service, which is maintained as a free service to educate everyone about the history at the heart of the USA’s national government. Educational, engaging and entertaining! An hour well spent.

The National Statuary Hall, US Capitol, (with brilliant guide).

CLP 16/09/2022

on life

while we're looking east
remember, there's a war on
American streets


CLP 15/09/2022

on hope

everything ran true
nothing to worry about
learning every day


CLP 13/09/2022

on Ukraine

Pisky changes hands
is anyone listening?
it is a village


n.b. Look it up, it’s a village. There are people dying for villages. People dying for villages and Russian forces claim a victory. A victory for what, we ask.

CLP 13/08/2022

on silence

so, men with uniforms
badges and guns waited
for other men
with uniforms, badges and guns
to come to the rescue?
do you know the children's rhyme
of the old woman who swallowed a fly
then swallowed a spider, a bird and a cat
a dog and a goat, a cow and a horse after that?


CLP 28/05/2022

on time

as children we understand
what is fair and what is not
so what makes it right to let things go
because "it is what it is"?
nothing changes when we do nothing
stand up and be counted


n.b. I was a child when this protest took place. It remains as powerful an image as ever. If it’s wrong, call it out.

CLP 14/03/2022


where we seek water
they struggle to get ashore
marginal difference


n.b. Both humans and seals evolved from the mammalian branch of the tree of life, but now they hold mirrored views of the beach…interesting how things turn out.

CLP 15/11/2021

on colour

under the rainbow
life exists in bands of grey
nothing black and white


CLP 05/11/2021