on possessions

we can own nothing
all become
"personal effects"
our time is borrowed


CLP 26/11/2021

on the street

walk on gold paving
countless, not unlimited
transient riches


CLP 21/11/2021

on time

battlements, towers
rich gated community
wealth will eat itself


CLP 16/11/2021

on light

we, who came from stars
are sure that we will return
to from whence we came


CLP 10/11/2021

on Friday night

with dance macabre
we laugh at the masque of death
play Russian roulette


n.b. What on Earth is going on?

CLP 23/10/2021


fungi in heart of oak
working to bring giant down
humbling royalty


n.b. We are all mortal.

CLP 16/10/201

on stage

under spotlight's glare
all can see imperfections
of others' labours


CLP 14/10/2021

Oh! Mothers

it is said childbirth
is the most painful of pains
but not after this


n.b. Sons, brothers, uncles, lovers, husbands, fathers, friends. Young men, rest in peace.

CLP 29/08/2021

On St. Wandregesilius Church

abandoned village
graveyard dissolving in green
names lost in lichen


n.b. No, me neither! 🤷🏼

CLP 25/08/2021

On Mortality

i yawn

swallow a fly

this random occurrence



CLP 11/08/2021