Oh! Mothers

it is said childbirth
is the most painful of pains
but not after this


n.b. Sons, brothers, uncles, lovers, husbands, fathers, friends. Young men, rest in peace.

CLP 29/08/2021

On St. Wandregesilius Church

abandoned village
graveyard dissolving in green
names lost in lichen


n.b. No, me neither! 🤷🏼

CLP 25/08/2021

On Mortality

i yawn

swallow a fly

this random occurrence



CLP 11/08/2021

Possible Endings

being dragged screaming

going down fighting

slamming doors

stepping off

slipping away

not waking up

or just asking

is it Time?

a fond farewell


CLP 25/04/2021

On Water xii

dirty old canal

lone Wellington boot floats

questions unanswered


CLP 21/04/2021

At the platform there stood the London train

…the London train that was packed with people

people with different places to go

places thronged with colleagues and / or friends

friends some new, some known for years

years that have fallen like blossom

blossom scented with childhood memories

memories diffused by time and tide

tide that swept clear a foreign shore

a foreign shore where lovers swam

lovers who lost their faith in Love

Love that became too wild to tame

too wild that two hearts were rent

hearts that continued to beat like muffled drums

muffled drums we reading this will not hear

we who not know when our day will come

a day from which we cannot run


p.s. NaPoWriMo 2021 Day Twenty One prompt; repetitive set up.


CLP 21/04/2020

L3: Day 29 On The Bridge

I was walking back from the shop, carrying a paper bag of groceries in my arms when I reached the bridge. I have been here before, but not like this. There has usually been some kind of run up, run out, or just gradually being run down. Not this time. I just thought, from nowhere really, “I could just step over the barrier.”

I surprised myself at the sudden appearance of the idea. I recognised this as ideation and important to acknowledge. I need to speak to someone. Then it came on me again, echoed in my limbs, was more familiar, less frightening. I thought of my sons and grandchildren, my family.

I walked back to my apartment. Unpacked my groceries. Went to an online business meeting. Afterwards I made a phone call and asked if the kettle was on. It was, of course. The kettle is always on somewhere.


CLP 03/02/2021

On 2020

Memorable year

One I would rather forget

Finally ends here


CLP 31/12/2020

On the Moon

Un-phased, she rises

Above man’s temporal world

Draws eyes to heaven


CLP 21/09/2020


What delights await?

Sun bright outside, boxes in

Day spoilt for choices


CLP 10/08/2020