on Ukraine xxiv

children of Bilohorivka
taught to shelter under desks
went to school as children do
registered as children must
each morning and for every class
were among those registered again today
in the rubble, broken glass and dust


n.b. Sixty people sheltering in a school in the neighbourhood of Luhansk were killed on 7th May. Today, 8th May is Freedom Day across Europe, including Ukraine and Russia. I urge you to read President Zelinkskiy’s address that marks this anniversary.



CLP 08/05/2022

on time

crash out, power down
just let the clock tick over
bounce back tomorrow


CLP 07/05/2022

Collateral Damage

 what would

as we
we'd know
it's all

would we make up
where we 
could offer
necessary apologies
long overdue 
balance our
play music 
say one 
final I


n.b. NaPoWriMo 2022 Day Twenty-eight prompt; Concrete poem. I have to admit to having had such thoughts lately. Day twenty-eight of NaPoWriMo 2022, but day Sixty Three in Ukraine.

CLP 28/04/2022

on time / on Ukraine xxi

cash our currency
while you pay in cold blood
too little too late?


n.b. We do what we can, but this is the only way we know how. Is it enough?

CLP 27/03/2022

on love

turn towards the light
step inside, come be with us
we are no different


CLP 21/03/2022

on Ukraine xx

where is the exit?
each day fresh atrocity
everyday the same


CLP 20/03/2022

on Ukraine xvi

Kyiv to Channel
you new Burghers of Calais
held by paper chains


n.b. UK Border Force, your first contact with England; all forms – no compassion.

It is possible to see England’s famous White Cliffs of Dover from the French Coast. Refugees trying to reach family members in the UK are haunted by England’s proximity, taunted by British bureaucracy.

CLP 10/03/2022

in blood (on Ukraine xiv)

viral infection
stimulates antibodies
fight for survival


n.b. There is a period of inflammation before the outcome is settled. I would not dream of calling the murder of innocents ‘inflammation’.

CLP 03/03/2022

on Ukraine xiii

we saw Aleppo
turned into blood, tears and dust
the Devil rides on


n.b. What happened there was our warning. Besides watching ‘For Sama’ what more was done? So now, Ukraine?

The link takes you to the trailer for the documentary film. It is not easy to watch.

CLP 02/03/2022

on Ukraine xii

we wait for results
late Saturday afternoon
this is not a game


CLP 26/02/2022