On the Threshold

About to step out

A new day, another world

Close the door gently


n.b. This advice from a colleague of many years ago, whose name I do not recall, but whose face and kind words I have never forgotten. I pass them on here, admitting that it not always advice I followed when younger. I pray that when my final stepping out comes I am able to close that door gently.


Dedicated to Simon at APG.

CLP 14/01/2020

On Life

Our three school rules

Turn up everyday; work hard

Be nice. Simple as…


n.b. When the then new head teacher first arrived at the school I worked in, he told the incoming Year 7 students the above three things that would make their time at secondary school a positive experience.

The above “rules” I have tried (and keep trying) to apply to my own journey in life.

Mark, thank you for this advice; it makes a lot of sense.

CLP 07/01/2020

Between The Lines

No Man’s Land

Deep, rutted, shell-shocked

A bloody mess

No longer worth fighting for

But it has to be crossed



n.b. Could be about Brexit, could be about any relationship at a tricky time. As Hemingway wrote, “The Sun Also Rises”

We live in hope of a better tomorrow. Remember to use your vote with love.

CLP 12/12/2019