Our thoughts held tight

heads aligned

are shaped by Time

round as round, square as square

so bounded by this gravity

we sense all this is quite real

can we feel anything

change without divine intervention?

our settled ways become unsettled

minds so fixed they become unhinged


n.b. Just asking. How difficult is this, seeing outside our heads malarkey?

I turn to a painting seen yesterday to tackle today’s prompt.

‘Our heads are round so that we can change our minds’ is the title of an artwork by Francis Picabia.

I find his creativity stimulating. His willingness to take on new ideas inspirational, if at times nigh impossible to practise myself.


CLP 01/04/2021


  1. Shuku is right, so much wow for that last line!

    1. Hi Angela, Thank you. (Lovely to hear from you).

  2. Gotta be outta your mind….

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