on the line

The year’s first swallow is here

Just the one

Balanced quite comfortably

On the telephone wire

A bright summery note on a four line stave

Flown in on the warm south wind

It sits, calling for the others

It can’t eat all these midges and mosquitos alone


Christopher Perry

15th April, 2020

Rock Pipit

Of all the birds in all the world

My favourite bird is not at all that big

It’s dull and brown

Slender not round

Without distinctive look


Male and female are indistinct

You’d have thought one would make an effort

But even so they get along

And have a pleasant life

They live by the sea

On Cornwall’s coast

Rock Pipit and his wife

(or is the other way about and does it actually matter?)


n.b. GloPoWriMo 2020 Challenge. Warm up. What’s favourite bird? The Rock Pipit, innit!


Christopher Perry

1st April, 2020

Cranes Fly

It was a call like crows

But not those of crows

Even on their most talkative days

When whisked up by winds

When they chitter and churr

It was more musical than crows

Deeper tones balanced by middle notes

From behind the hedgerows

Beyond the browned ancient oaks

Low to the grey horizon

A stretched vee

Approximately formed

Unbalanced, but sharply led

Three, five, seven, nine in clear formation

With forty, fifty, sixty more

Lagging loosely in lines

Heading south

Warning of winter’s coming

Or dragging down

Its icy curtain?


CLP 01/12/2019

Big Bird

Hey! Huge heron

With your alarming croak

It sounds to me

You’ve got a frog

In your throat


n.b. I was surprised by one of these large creatures taking off from the adjacent field as I stepped into the garden this morning.


CLP 27/11/2019

Old Grey Heron

If there is a bird

Designed for all this wet weather

It has to be the heron

Who sits miserably hunched up

With his long coat

Of sad, grey feathers


n.b. On an oak bough over a river, just east of Sherbourne, he sat and stared gloomily into the rushing water – catching the mood precisely.


CLP 12/10/2019


The busy vole busies herself

Scurries amongst leaf litter

Keeps herself clean

Feeds her young

Whilst far above

Handsomely dressed, preened

Strong, angular, sleek

Magnificent hunter

With oh so to die for eyes

Fire streaked

Focuses on the tidy movements

Identifies and assesses

The challenge

And waits

Hangs on the wind

In familiar territory

Happily being busy

The vole naīve

Despite her globular eyes

Will barely see until too late

That she has been

Targeted, circled, cornered.

Flight, fight or freeze?

Voiceless, useless, helpless


CLP 26/11/2018

n.b. Rapere is Latin meaning to take by force, to seize from which the words raptor and rapist derive