on Ukraine

glow over city
nothing to worry us here
blood-red sunset


n.b. The world spins on as if nothing is happening.

CLP 27/06/2022

on the beach

down to the seaside
ice lollies, buckets and spades?
nowt but a dumb flag


CLP 26/06/2022

on time

Yes, I was on time
As were you, as we agreed
and then it was late


n.b. Where does it go?

CLP 26/06/2022

on summer

talk of clear blue sky
and here it is, like crystal
devoid of hirundines


n.b. Where are the swallows, martins and swifts? I was lucky enough to hear their familiar squeals, then count seven swifts later this evening, but not a swallow or martin, above the houses, or down by the lakeside earlier.

CLP 24/06/2022

Contactless / Miradas-19

A pamphlet containing five of my poems from the first Covid-19 UK lockdown has been published in the ‘Unmasked Writings’ series by Egg Box Publishing of Norwich.

The experiences of those days seem quite distant now. Having WordPress and you, its lovely online readers and writers, was a central part of the experience and crucial to me being able to maintain perspective. The poems in the collection are hereby dedicated to each of you who has ever read, liked, or commented on my posts. Thank you for being out there.

Alongside a prose poem by André P Hughes, the five poems I wrote in this short collection, appear with beautiful Spanish translations by Aida López Milán. If you would like a copy, please order from Egg Box Publishing:


The publisher is a non-profit organisation linked to the University of East Anglia, all proceeds go into publishing new writers’ work…but not to the writers.

CLP. 23/06/2022

on light

this our stage backlit
from hereon in 'tis Summer
flowers turn to fruit


CLP 22/06/2022

on time

don't be afraid, look back
there's water, other stuff too
bridges have been crossed


CLP 19/06/2022

on rain

Now you're here, I'll sleep
Safe at home, warm in my bed
I've really missed you


CLP. 18/06/2022


close to midnight
twenty two degrees
roof open
we roll down the windows
roll down the strip
cruise control on
twenty mph
can't find the music
shuffling through the dock
warehouses, flood lights, cctv
cobbled streets, Trafalgar Square
depeche mode
an abandoned town film set
a lone riotous pub on the quay
we roll on
not street racing from the lights
we're up to sixty, plus
we head West by North-west
sea-salt thickening our hair
fair skin pinked
all the youth
we lived apart
in an evening


CLP 18/06/2022

on the strip

who needs Las Vegas
buried deep in a desert
when you've got GY?


JS & CLP 18/06/2022