On Numbers 20

There is a limit

But please, don’t worry yourself

Nobody’s counting


n.b. Of late the UK speed limit signs have become absolutely pointless pieces of street furniture, unless you consider them to be essential props in the black humour of the living art installation that is Brexit Britain.


CLP 21/10/2020


Is it safe to ask? he asked

Ask what? she asked.

You know he said.

You’ve lost me there, she sighed.


She had hoped for something more direct;

straight-forward, clear

But what she heard, was what she feared

So with his faint words

He lost her there.


CLP 17/10/2020

On Wilful Ignorance

Without symptoms

Does not mean without virus

Don’t think otherwise


n.b. Familiarity breeds contempt – sometimes phrased as “loosening inhibitions.” Consent for any form of physical contact is not just a courtesy.

A show of affection may be the kiss of death. No excuses. There may not be a second chance.


CLP 18/10/2020