on time

those tiny thorns tore
cute as kitten teeth
sharp as fish hooks
drew blood
that slender stem resisted
slim as a grass blade
strong as barbed wire
that bud closed tight
firm as a fist
locked safe-shut


CLP 17/09/2021

Me, Tarzan

come on then, come on
when you think you're ready
if you are sure you can
come on then, come on
gather your strength
you'll need it all
when you've mined enough courage
come on then, come on
deepest night, bright of day
you choose the time and weapons
I'm not running, I'm fully primed
come on then, come on
bare your teeth, beat your chest
sharpen your nails
bare your breasts
come on then, come on
I am waiting, I've no fear
drag me to the floor, take me down
it's not a fight, you can't lose
come on then, come on


CLP 15/09/2021


...for the heat to hot up
the sun to spot me
for clouds to come
pull me under their covers
and soak me through
I'm ready


CLP 08/09/2021

on time ii

waiting for what precisely

something to pick you up

someone to pick you out

one more turn around the Sun

next spring?


CLP 31/08/2021

on time

there's plenty of it
lining pockets filling cups
its the dark I hate


CLP 31/08/2021

On work ii

clock in work clock off
all we have to give is time
there's no tomorrow


CLP 28/08/2021

On the Beach

slipping on pebbles

this feels like treading water

yet gentle progress


CLP 18/08/2021


stop right there

you just rode in again

out of nowhere

trampled my fragile bones to powder

rode out again

our memory a curse


CLP 15/08/2021

On Memory

what is the story

you want to carry around;

love or betrayal?


n.b. Choose Love

CLP 01/08/2021

On Empty


is fuelled by fumes of hope

I’ve lost sense of smell


CLP 26/07/2021