on Ukraine

long-term investment
everyone wants a pie slice
who's brokering peace?


n.b. I notice that the UK economy is the only large richer nation forecast to be in economic decline in 2023, despite Johnson acting as arms salesman par excellence. The arms industry is doing very well, so the rest of the UK economy must be in a hell of a slump.

CLP 31/01/2023

on Ukraine

caterpillar tracks
loaded onto railway trucks
shareholders cash in


n.b. As we move closer to open conflict between Russia and “The West” I attended a party recently at which there was open talk about moving savings into arms manufacturing shares and disappointment expressed at missing out on buying stock in an American armament corporation. Ironically, it was at a wake.

There was also talk of fear of direct war with Russia...as opposed to what? A proxy war that sacrifices the very last Ukrainian?

CLP 27/01/2023

on Ukraine

bleak light of new day
unmanned aircraft on attack
machines v. humans


n.b. This is the ultimate manifestation of Capitalism. Capital buys machines to ultimately kill and cow, a human population.

Who has the most money to pay those willing to build such machinery?

CLP 02/01/2022

in time

concrete, glass and steel
put up lights, tie off with bow
still steel, glass, concrete


n.b. People raising glasses to Christmas on 2nd December, leaving just eleven months of the year festive free. This is in a country where a minority (46%) now identify themselves as Christian.

I don’t see or hear this much propaganda about any other belief system, other than Free Market ideology, obviously.

CLP 04/12/2022

on time

putting a face on
can't hide what happens beneath
St. Louis' broken heart


n.b. In a city with many elegantly carved superstructures that are all boarded up, this building in the city centre has been cleverly painted to look as if it has a facade carved from stone. It is merely make up that is beginning to flake off. It is initially impressive, but like The Arch, it’s just a hollow sham.

CLP 27/09/2022

on time

late-night traffic halts
blues on red, no one around
still, they sit and wait


n.b. Chicago police are recruiting. The bus company is recruiting. Most bars, restaurants, shops seem to be recruiting. Trucking companies are recruiting. Everyone is recruiting.

In the UK, it seems the over-50s, who have cleared off mortgages, been well-paid enough to save money and found a way to step out of the workplace, the meaningless drudge of commuting, the long hours present at a work station, (missing daylight, weather, loved ones), are to blame for the lack of workers (NOT the million, or so, young Europeans who went back to Europe after Brexit?). As a consequence, the government is going to try to make it harder for the low-paid, low-wage, home-renters to leave the workplace.

If that’s the UK problem, what’s happening in the USA?

CLP 23/09/2022

on water

fens drained for farming
commons mopped up by gentry
raindrops or teardrops?


n.b. First the common land under James I, then the water boards under the Tories. If we need it, they control it. Through legislation for the landed gentry, by the landed gentry, generations of people remain in the thrall of robber barons. Time for change.

CLP 27/08/2022

on Sri Lanka

this land is our land
presidential palace sacked
let's find the kitchen


n.b. No attempt on The Capitol this, but the need to feed overrides the politics of greed. People of Sri Lanka only want what’s fair, enough of the extortion and corruption. “The president was not at home...”

CLP 09/07/2022

on the wheel

changes of colour
cannot disguise reality
working a treadmill


CLP 29/10/2021

on competition

going nowhere fast?
there is an alternative
to the free market


n.b. How can it be free when it’s costing the Earth?


CLP 26/10/2021