L3 (Day 39): On Foot

The city is bounded by rivers. Banked up inside their curves, the sprawl of the urban is curtailed and it takes no time to escape into open farmland.

Further on is protected woodland and a lake (“broad”) that was formed from industrial era excavations. Both pleasant locations for exercise.

Every square inch of land is managed, clearly designated as recreational, industrial, residential, commercial, farming, military, conservation, transport, or the ominously labelled developmental land use.

Those who own land are well represented in Parliament, the House of Lords and Buckingham Palace. All changes pass through these vested powers slowly and grudgingly.

What do we need a say in land use for now commons land is an anachronism? Move along people, nothing to see here.

Walking for three hours compensated for a day at my desk yesterday.


CLP 14/02/2021

On Losing (8)

Big Pharma profits

will have to take a back seat

to humanity


n.b. Intellectual property rights and patents are all very well, but as with HIV, not worth the paper they are written on if used to hold a gun to the heads of the poor, or inhibit production of effective vaccines for Covid-19.

If you have not heard about the idea of the “intellectual commons” this is a good place to start. https://www.monbiot.com/2016/12/15/the-fortifying-commons/


CLP 10/12/2020

On Numbers (20)

No Babel’s tower

development allowed here.

Sanity prevails.


n.b. Good news for the city of Norwich as permission is denied by national government to build a 20 storey office block in a city full of empty shops and offices. Can anyone seriously pretend such a dreadful construction is needed? Why would a councillor be upset by this decision?

Probably because this monstrosity is currently dominating the proposed development site. Why not build some user-friendly low-level social housing? It’s a very convenient site for town and there is access to the countryside along Marriott’s Way. Maybe even engage with likely residents to assist with designs?

CLP 14/11/2020